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■We participated in the Falling Walls Venture 2017 on November 8 in Berlin, Germany.


■We were awarded 1st prize in Falling Walls Venture Sendai on September 21, 2017, and will be one of 20 finalists in Berlin who will compete for the Falling Walls Science Start-Up of the Year award on November 8.


■July 1 2017 We began to offer a trial version of Trace Moisture Sensor

Link:Trace Moisture Sensor

■We presented a paper on the latest technology of our trace moisture sensors at an international conference on the standardization and measurement of industrial gases and natural gases, GAS Analysis 2017, held in Rotterdam, Netherlands, on 13-15 June, 2017. We demonstrated our first prototype of trace moisture measurement instrument, Falcon Trace, at the conference, too.


Proceedings:The precise temperature control of ball SAW sensors for trace moisture measurement at ppb level of concentration

■We presented a technical paper on the principle of our ball SAW sensors and its application to trace moisture measurement at an international conference on temperature and humidity, TEMPMEKO 2016, held in Zakopane, Poland, on 29 and 30 June, 2016.


Paper:A Thermodynamic Consideration on the Mechanismof Ultrasensitive Moisture Sensing by Amorphous Silica

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